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Global Halal Federation is the first premier global halal self regulatory organisation founded to facilitate co-operations among global halal certification bodies and registered halal practitioners throughout the world. Out of the close to three hundred halal certification bodies and over thousands of halal practitioners practising worldwide, we further affiliate ourselves only with the best in the industry that practices professionalism in their day to day work. Halal is indeed a serious business meant only for those who meets the benchmark.

Our Activities

Among the activities we do is to:

1. Facilitate quarterly meetings among members at different parts of the world to table and address both common and unique issues,

2. Share best practices and resources among members to increase productivity, 

3. Hold talks by technical experts to look at new trends in the market,

4. Organise professional trainings and workshops worldwide using official licensed Trainers,

5. Raise concern to authority as a unified body to counter market trends,

6. Etcetera.

Membership Schemes

Scheme: Halal Certification Body 

Plan: Premier Member (with right to vote)


Scheme: Halal Certification Body 

Plan: Standard Member (with no right to vote)


Scheme: Registered Halal Practitioner

Plan: Premier Member (with right to vote)

Scheme: Associate Halal Practitioner

Plan: Standard Member (with no right to vote)


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